The Magic of Micro-Workouts

The Magic of Micro-Workouts

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You’re home.
You’re sitting in front of a screen…a lot.

And even though it seems like getting a workout in would be convenient and a good break, you just can’t seem to find a solid hour in your day.
Well you don’t have to.

You can exercise just a little bit at a time throughout your day and accomplish quite a lot. It’s called Micro-Workouts and with it you can:

  • Actually move more throughout the day.
  • Make your workouts easier, yet equally as effective.
  • End up exercising alot.

Here’s how it works:

  • Pick a trigger. This is the key! Select a workout tool (like soup cans, a chair, a towel, a yoga mat, or a dumbbell) and place it somewhere in your home that you pass often.
  • Pick an exercise. Choose a movement (or two) that gets your whole body involved and that doesn’t require a warm up. Something like a push-up, lunges, or squats.
  • Pick a routine. Set a small number of reps and sets as your goal. Just enough to get you moving. You’re not trying to burn yourself out between phone calls.
  • Pick it up. Now, every time you pass your trigger, do your brief routine and then continue on with what you were doing.

By the end of the day, you will actually have done several hundred reps and not even feel like it. But they add up and boy do they count!

Switch it up day to day and have fun with it.

This method of micro-workouts comes from fitness expert and former Navy SEAL, Craig Weller of Precision Nutrition. More Details


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