Health & Vitality Coaching for Groups

Customized Online Workshops and Activities

What if your team had lasting energy, ate and moved for their health, and felt great every day?

Give them the skills, expertise, and guidance they need to make health a habit with Voci Health Group Programs.

Designed for Small Teams

Created to address the wellness needs of small teams with cost-effective programs.

Customized and Responsive

Your team actively participates in the creation and evolution of their program.

Rooted in Science

No fads, gimmicks, or product sales. This is about tested techniques to improve health and vitality.

Increases Team Satisfaction

A happy, healthy team works better together and is overall more engaged and productive.

Tailor your program to fit your team.

Together we’ll select the right components and create a customized course. All programs are based on the an integrated approach to embracing nutrition, movement, and mindset to build healthy habits and vitality.


Individual or a series of interactive sessions focused on building knowledge and real skills. Popular workshops include:

The care & feeding of your heart.
Eating well by eating real.
Using your internal pharmacy.
Living without pain & inflammation.

Online Coaching

Private sessions to work on goals, get guidance, and create actions that lead to sustainable change

Vitality Channel

Tips, tools, and health strategies delivered via Slack, Teams, or other communication tools your group uses.

Challenges & Activities

Fun programs that jumpstart healthy habits and get your team working toward common wellness goals

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