5 Energy Boosting Foods for Your Pantry

5 Energy Boosting Foods for Your Pantry

5 Energy Boosting Foods for Your Pantry 150 150 Voci Health

Whether you’re taking socially distanced trips to the grocery store or getting food delivered, you’ll be restocking your pantry while you’re staying at home.

And all that time at home may just drain some of your usual energy and vitality. So here’s a short list of items to keep in stock–with slow burning carbs and other vitamins and minerals–to keep your engine going.

???? Bananas – Vitamin B6 and Potassium
???? Sweet Potatoes – Fiber and Slow-Release Carbs
???? Oatmeal – Beta-Glucan Fiber which shows glucose absorption
???? Green Tea – Caffeine slowed down by L-theanine
???? Spinach – Iron and Vitamin C

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