3 Healthy Eating Habits for Staying at Home

3 Healthy Eating Habits for Staying at Home

3 Healthy Eating Habits for Staying at Home 150 150 Voci Health


If you’re staying at home now, you may be experiencing stress and anxiety which can interrupt any healthy eating habits you may normally practice.

Remember that healthy eating can improve your mood, your energy, and your immunity. Here are three simple habits that will provide a sustainable foundation for better nutrition at home.

Plate it! – Being so close to the kitchen, you may be snacking to take a break, recharge, or even as solace. Instead of eating from say a bag of chips, put a reasonable portion on a plate (or in a bowl), close up the bag, and then have your snack. This simple act of portion control will help you manage your energy intake.

Cook Your Commute – Cooking at home is always a very healthy activity no matter what the circumstances, and you many not have had the time when you were going into an office.  But now you have that commute time available, so use it to cook…breakfast and dinner.  It’ll get you moving, give you an opportunity to make healthy meals, and can be really fun.

Let’s Do Lunch – Make a lunch date whenever possible—either with your family or virtually with friends. It’s a good way to make sure you’re maintaining connection and it ensure’s that you’re stopping whatever you’re doing to eat, which is the healthiest way to eat any meal.

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